Monday, July 11, 2011

Random Shots

Here's a picture of Brooke, Matt and myself in front of the "Gingerbread Shop" at Christmas time. This leads up to my adventures this summer at the Del Mar Fair in San Diego, where I spent a few weeks working making gingerbread and all kinds of desserts.

But to start off the summer, I got to take a little trip with my friend Adele to Payson, where I joined up with Dennis, Rosemary and Malinda for another road trip to Jackson Hole and to Idaho to visit Glenn and Jeri.

We had so much fun in Jackson Hole going on covered wagons to a dutch oven barbecue and western show. It was completely Dennis' style. And we celebrated Mom's birthday.

We visited the 'Mountain Man Rendezvous' and looked at furs and beads and shot arrows.

Then on to Payson for Memorial Day. We drove up Payson Canyon and saw the high waters and swift flowing streams. Dennis and I stopped for a nice cool drink from water flowing from the canyon.

I think Dennis knows just about everything about Payson Canyon.

While in Payson, I visited with Don and Cindy, but sorry no pictures. Flint had me come over for a visit in his nice new house. Here's a shot of his cute family with baby due any day.

On our way to Jackson Hole, we visited with Glenn and Jeri and had a delicious turkey dinner at their home.

The cemetery was beautifully decorated with flowers on memorial day. We took several plants and placed on graves. Here's where my parents are laid to rest.

Then in June I started my adventures in San Diego. I spent a weekend with my friend Christy doing about everything humanly possible. We went to Horton Plaza, Sea Port Village, Coronado Island, Balboa Park, and Old Town. We even had lunch in the Hard Rock Cafe and dessert in Ghirardelli Ice Cream Parlor. What fun!

I took some time to visit the naval base and light house at Point Loma. There was a breath taking view of San Diego and it was amazing to see the many thousands of veteran tombstones there.

I also visited the temple a few times to keep focused on the important things in life. It is so beautiful and peaceful there.

I couldn't resist a picture of the colorful flowers.

I didn't really take pictures at the fair, but it was a wonderful opportunity to be there, work, and enjoy the beauty of San Diego. It was also great to see friends and family who came down to visit. And I got to go to a "Beach Boys" Concert!

Friday, January 14, 2011

A New Look!

Thanks Amber and Tami for giving my blog a new look. You must all agree...I have some pretty cute little grandchildren! Now I need some new posts.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Stop and smell the hydraengas

Heather can't resist taking pictures of flowers and so I thought I would post a few for all to see. These happen to be from my yard. I love to see them in bloom each summer! Life gets so busy - it's nice to stop and smell the roses, or the hydrangeas in my case. I'm on the run these days going to school and teaching early morning seminary. I love spending time with my family and doing weddings when I have the opportunity.

Black-eyed susans

Bright blue agapanthus

Tall hollyhocks

Pretty petunias

Magnificent hydraengas

A single hollyhock bloom
The little Jaxon flower. No he's not a weed!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mickey D's and Ice Cream

What's more fun than an indoor play yard and ice-cream on a hot day? Some cute little grandkids and lot's of napkins! Ashlyn, Kira, Ange and Jax
Jax and Josh melting their cones all over themselves and the floor.

Ange, Ashlyn, Ryan, Kira and Josh making funny sounds and getting their licks in.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Springtime Beauty

Every spring my friend, Dee Dee brings me a beautiful bouquet of lilacs. She started doing this when my mother lived with me so she could enjoy them too. I wanted to share their beauty with all who look at this picture. You'll have to imagine the delightful fragrance!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Party in Kansas

Spring break and off to Kansas we went to see all the cute kiddies and their parents. Little Jack's personality endeared him to us right away.

Grace and Raegan loved to play UNO. They especially loved to play the "wild cards" and the "draw two's" on Grandma.

Uncle Matt got to meet Jack for the first time. Everyone was so excited to welcome Matt home from his mission. His little nieces even made him a sign and greeted him at the airport.
Grace and Raegan have a pretty cool "Barbie" house and play room. What a fun place for Grandma to stay.

Here's sweet Madison, who was so excited to see us and gave us lots of hugs and kisses.

Riley shared her toys with her cousins and the other girls had fun playing games with Matt.

Anyone up for a game of "Butt Head?" The girls had a great time throwing balls at Paul.

Then we discovered how fun it is to play "Ticket to Ride." Natalie taught us how to win when her little red trains took over the board.

Riley, Grace, Brinley, and the best dog in the world.

"Happy Birthday Bryan!" We all went to lunch at a delicious Kansas BBQ.

Bryan and Jamie are such loyal fans of their sports teams. BYU, K State, and KU were fun to follow in the basketball tournament. BYU was playing during our lunch party.

Emilee, Brinley and Alix had a memorable spring break week.

Then off we went to Independence and Liberty Jail for a church history experience.

Alix helped me knead the dough for some delicious cinnamon rolls...always a tradition when visiting Kansas.

We had some fun in the sun while it lasted...

Jack loved Gill.

Then all too soon, it snowed! There was after all, one more day of winter.

Brinley, Matt and I boarded a plane and made it home once again. Amber and Heather picked us up around midnight and the party continued. After a few stops, including pancakes and hot chocolate, we made it home around 4 a.m.

Good times! Great memories!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's a new year and new beginnings. I just want to say "Happy New Year" to all my family and friends. We're having some exciting times with Heather and Jason moving in, Matt coming home from his mission, and all the fun that the holidays brought. I'm looking forward to starting a new semester of college and spending more time with the people in my life. I might even get some pictures to post sometime.